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30 Signs That You’re A Gym Rat (Dude)

April 24, 2013

Over my stay in New York, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Sohee Lee, which is a chick that has waaaaaay too many ideologies about life, fitness, snuggles, and craziness in common with me; one of which was a post that she released around 24hours ahead of me–almost 1 year ago–that became an internet sensation (50 Signs That You’re A Fitness Buff) …

… truly sorry for losing a point in our manhood pride, dude. I promise she hired a hot chick to distract me–these women are witty AND evil.

Anyways, in spite of that, she thought I was cute, so she let me in a remake for the dudes, while she made one for the chickas.

Soooooo, brace yourselves, men. If you’ve been lifting for a while, not only will you relate, but your balls will ache in blue pain from the laughter you’re about to experience. If not, then you clearly don’t lift, so sorry for your lots.

Note: All credit for the images goes to Whatshouldwecallme tumblr.

1. When you find your favorite protein powder on sale:








2. When your non-lifting bro wants a piece of your protein:

Then you answer them:

3- You have a dance that you bust-out after you’ve set a new personal record lift:

4- How excited you get when you discover a new lift:

But then you attempt it for the first time and you’re like:

5- The badass feeling you have when you enter a bar or club with all your lifting friends:

6- When you meet the chick that shares the same passion as you in fitness, you’re like:

7- That moment when you take your pre-workout and attempt to increase your one-rep-max by 100lbs:

8- How you expect every chick to interact with you after chest day:

But in reality, you end up:

9- The look you give the chick deadlifting 2 plates+ :

But before you can get to her when she finishes her set, all the dudes be like:

10- The scenario between your bro and yourself when he decides to triple scoop his pre-workout:

11- When you realize you’ve been stuck on a lift–with the same weight–for more than a month:

12- The first thought that ran through your mind when you’ve first begun IIFYM 2.0 and ate cake:

13- When your girl mentions that it’s your anniversary, but little does she know it’s actually chest day:

14- When you walk into the gym and you’ve remembered that you’ve left your protein shake at home, so you’re like:

15- When somebody tells you that they don’t like bacon, nor do they enjoy meat in particular:

16- When you attempt a new personal record and you don’t get to fully lock the lift:

17- Once you’ve realized that Paul Gabriel Mihalescu opened an online group coaching program:

18- That brotalk you have with your gym partner when you find out he got injured and he can’t train for the next month:

But then you realize there’s 15 minutes left before your pre-workout kicks in:

19 – What you do to everybody when your diet philosophy changes:

20- How you feel when you push more weight than the dude next to you that’s clearly shooting up test/dbol/clen/tren and you’ve been juice free the entire time:

21- The moment when you find out somebody never trained legs:

Then you look at your friend next to you and you’re both like:

So, you turn back to the dude and reply:

22- When you find out your gym is closed and you’ve already took your pre-workout, you start feeling like:

So then you’re like:

23- When somebody asks you about your supplement stack, you reply:

24- Somebody asks you to try their workout, but you’re already on a strict programming. So you answer back:

25- When you finish a set of heavy squats, you immediately proceed to:

26- Your friend decided to try your advanced workout, and he’s asking you–half-dead–if you’re both done. So, you answer back:

27- Your reply to your gym arch-nemesis when you encounter them after a long-time:

28- When ALL your friends decide to hit a buffet/restaurant, but you’ve already ate all your macros of the day:

29- When you discover that IIFYM 2.0 really brings results:

30- The face you give people that think that “Do you even lift?!” joke is still funny:


If you laughed, related, or lol’d silently in your head, then you clearly lift. So, spread your love for the gym and share this post on Facebook, twitter, or whatever people use these days. If not, just leave a comment to show some love and I’ll ask the Gods of Gains to bless your next workout–they always deliver my requests.

P.S.: Be sure to click here to check out Sohee Lee’s post entitled: 30 Signs You’re A Fitness Chick

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  • UF Gator

    Super creative list. I could relate to each and every one of them. Good stuff.

    • PaulGabrielMihalescu

      Then you do, in fact, lift.
      And thank you very much =)

  • Jenn Coulter

    Does this make me a dude since I can relate to most of these? LOL

    • PaulGabrielMihalescu

      Technically, it makes you a bro. With boobs.

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  • Dorianne Gutierrez’Ayala

    OMG… I loved it… I can relate to it all, lol

  • jennifer

    where do I get these gif videos from?

  • Dean Phillips

    Loved this…bro! Good shit right there!

  • George Hakin

    There should definetly be one for “The face you pull when you head to the squat rack and its being used for curls”. Apart from that missing link this is awesome haha

  • Michael Cleary

    Definitely relate to them all. Almost fell outta my chair at #5.

  • Raven

    Awesome!! especially number 9..Great job!!

  • Mylam O’James

    I enjoyed this immensely! Keep hope alive. Mylam O. James